Hungarian Horntail...sounds much so macho

Dude! two days! Then I get to see HP 5! Midnight showings RULE!!!!! My best friend bought our tickets yesterday and I can't wait to go see it. Then of course everyone is just DYING to read book 7, I mean who wouldn't want to read it? With the midnight book release and all of that. So its all good right?

Then I asked off work for like the 28th thru the 31st, which is my birthday weekend. My best friend is hosting a dance on the 28th and wants me to come so I can't really get out of it, then the 30th is a friend of mines birthday so I dont know if I'll go with her or not but I might, shes awesome then I just want a break on the 31st prolly crash with my best friend and go see a baseball game with another.

But I'm ready for Harry Potter to come out already! It'll be good to see the movie then to FINALLY get to read the book, its going to be good!
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Too much rain! I want to see the sun again...

Ah, I have been practicing my guitar a bit here and there, I don't know that much about playing but I'm doing my best with it. I'm still working on getting how to move my fingers so its still a bit slow but I like it. I always wanted to try and learn and now I am, mainly self taught, but my friend is helping me out. So now I've found a new way of expression since it was mainly through my writing and drawing but my drawings always sucked so I gave that up. It's fun learning and it gives me something to do when I get bored. =)
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my neck is killing me

After working today and not having lunch I set out to get something to eat and in the process decided to call up my best friend, who is leaving me AGAIN, as she goes to her youth conference, thats the second time this month too.
So I finally got something to eat around 2ish or so cuz I hadn't eaten anything. So her and I are chatting and of course being the ever obsessive one she is she is reading fanfictions. Now I love fanfics as much as her but you can't talk to her while she is reading one, its like impossible, its about as exciting as talking to a wall, not that i've ever done it.
Lately we've come across a few Remus/Sirius fanfics, now normally I don't read slash or anything like that but in this I am willing to make an exception, mainly because my best friend finds like the BEST fics imaginable, so she sends me the links, which is great really cuz I spent last night reading them.
I think I've been suffering from not wanting to write anything, including my own fanfics, I swear I need a good long vacation, I mean my family is totally mental! I just want to relax.
Although on the plus side my best friend is letting me crash at her place on my birthday, cuz well I don't feel like having my 18th birthday turn out like all of my other ones. I mean they are ALL depressing, I got yelled at last year for spending my money on books. Hello, writer and avid story reader here! Sadly though because of the ever pending yelling or gripping out from my stepmom about spending too much money on books, my attention to reading has slacked dramatically. I know, it's sad but I can't stomach it all.
Thus the story of my sad and ever pathetic life.
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Dude, where are all the hot guys?

Ah! I felt that was the best way to say it all don't you?

Oh I could so go for a vacation. I mean it's not like I've ever had one, at least not one to myself, that is how sad it is. My family always ruins my vacations, do you think thats a sign? I do!

So anyways I am planning on taking a trip, maybe to Utah to visit my sisters during my christmas break, I think that will be nice. I just have to save up my money for the trip but I have till December, I mean it won't be that hard.

It's nice to have a job, to actually work, or stand around on my feet a lot...hehe it's not so bad, the people there are really nice, I like em a lot. Now my time will be working, which is making me SOOO happy. The ever dreaded birthday is starting to close in and I'm PRAYING that my family doesn't remember, then I might have a birthday that isn't horribly bad.

I'm definitely thinking in on asking to work that day, then crashing at my best friends house the rest of the day. I will NOT have my 18th birthday ruined because of my family but like always I never get what I want *pouts*

I think I'll take a break from my writing and maybe I'll actually enroll in my classes for college. Oh I am so glad for college too, so that way I have NO time at home and I can be at least a bit happier, that would be the best!
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Being trapped in your house for almost a week tends to take its toll on you! Bloody ice! I mean I did NOT want to be stuck home.

But thankfully it allowed me some more time to get my fanfics done.

I am proud that Twist of Fate is almost done.


Alright I am totally depressed about the fact that Twist of Fate: Part III has reached its end! Then again, I am also thrilled that I was able to complete it and get it out to all my wonderful readers/reviewers. Thought part 4 will be a bit harder to get done with all the work that I have to get done and the fact that I have been taking a break from it for a while. Now I will have to get back into the flow which will be fun, I think. So hope this all works well and I can start the 'Golden Lily' series!
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Something new

Well really alls I have to say is that I am doing quite well on HP ToF part 3 and 4. I just updated 3 so thats good but sadly it means I only have two chapters left to post and that means the end to another great story but fear not i have seven chaps done already of part 4 so that is sooooooo helpful. I am glad that my stories are getting so many hits and reviews part 3 already has 172 which makes me smile cuz that is totally awesome. Special thanks to my awesome beta who has been the biggest help getting through this whole story and for helping with the next. I am glad I picked her to be my beta shes helped so much. Then of course there is a lot of things to do with the story and all of that great jazz but its getting there, if not slowly. But better than nothing right? Well I am hoping to get this story onto other sites besides fanfic so maybe I will do just that. Later all.


*dances* I finished Twist of Fate Part 3!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down* Its absolutely WONDERFUL and the first chap of part 4 is already at the betas can you beleive that? Oh the fun I will be having with the final installment of this series! Its wonderful, its amazing, it absolutely fantastic!!!!! alright I am a little too excited about this aren't i? Oh well I have every right to be. I had no idea my little series would ever turn out like this, I mean I just had no idea about any of this. It's so amazing, really it is. I love the story a lot too. Well I hope everyone is enjoying it then I can't wait to dive into my 'Golden Lily' fic as well.
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Twenty-Two. That's it. Twenty-two chapters for HP ToF part 3. That is the amount of chapters I will have for this story and guess what, I am half way through twenty-one. Hopefully I will have all of it done by the time Friday hits! I decided that ToF part 4 will be probably around twenty-six chapters, depends on all the information I have to pack into it. The last two chapters sort of speed up the rest of the time I have to cover. My beta has twenty right now so I am hoping to get this chapter done by tonight, if not then early as I can tomorrow. I can't believe it, it's almost done! All the hard work I put into it, all the rewritting, to which I am glad I did. It's just amazing I hope that ToF part 4 gets as many reviews as part 3 did. But I am going to be taking a break from the hp world into my own world that I have created for Fairy Tales section. So lets just see how all of this works out. I can't wait to see the end result of ToF or ASR. It's almost done!
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This is HORRIBLE! I just finished chapter nineteen and sent it off to my beta right? Well now I have no idea what I am going to write in the next few chapters! I can't believe this the last like four chapters have been leading up to this and I get stuck with a writers block! Now how in the world is this going to work? I mean seriously? With the scene I just finished it should be simple to write the next segement but its not. I've been turing things over in my head and I can't seem to pick a good ending for hp and tof part 3. I mean I can see what I STILL have to complete with this year. I believe that I will spare the character death for this story, as I managed two. Well lets hope I can get past this and I can continue on with the chaps like I have been wanting to do. Then I will be able to pick up 'A Secret Revenged'. I've been neglegent on that story and its going to be good, when I get to it. I have to say out of all the stories i've written 'My Mother's Secret' was my absolute favorite. Why? I'm not really sure but I just loved how the story evolved like it did. I mean it wasn't that big of a hit but people still enjoyed it. I would have been happy if if managed to hit 10000 hits, unfortunately its not even 7000 hits. I'm a huge sucker for fantasy stories becuz those have the greatest amount of free movement. Science fiction has a set standard, as well as fiction, and non-fiction. While fantasy has its own set standards it has a lot more ability to be creative, hence why I prefer to write it above everything else. Though MMS was good, actually probably the favorite of all my stories, I just hope that the sequel draws in as much as the first one did. Now off to see if I cant release this bloody writers block
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